In cooperation with Misr El Kheir GB Ghabbour Auto ensures Iftar for neediest in marginalized areas in Luxor and Aswan

 GB Ghabbour Auto, Egypt’s leading automotive assembler and distributor, cooperated with Misr El Kheir Foundation, in its million and half person campaign during the holy month of Ramadan. This initiative aims at alleviating the sufferings of the needy persons, in particular, people in the disadvantaged and marginalized areas in Luxor and Aswan Governorates.

GB Auto’s participation included setting up 3 tents. Each accommodated 200 persons a day and offered high quality hot meals. A total of 12,000 meals were distributed by the end of Ramadan in both governorates.

Also, a total of 12,000 ready-made hot meals were delivered right before the Maghrib prayer to the houses of the needy families.

In addition to distributing 8000 iftar packs to the poor families who could not reach the tents. The pack consisted of the basic necessities such as rice, pasta, sugar, ghee, dates, lentils, beans, and tea for the entire month and is suitable for a family of 5 members.


This initiative comes in line with GB Auto’s corporate social responsibility that is based on three important principles: social interdependence, social development, and improving standards of the living of the poor. This is not the first collaboration between the two entities. As GB Ghabbour Auto’s collaborated with Misr El Kheir in several charitable projects such as paying off the debts of Egyptians mothers and paying tuition fees of underprivileged children and combat school dropouts and expand access to education in the marginalized areas in Luxor and Aswan.